A downloadable game for Windows

Floaty Ball.  Made during a Game Jam in 8 hours by: 

Razvan Muresan - Level 5 Designer

Joseph Shuttlewood - Level 4 Programmer

Toby White - Level 4 Designer

George Smutts - Level 4 Designer 

"It's like Flappy Bird on steroids" - Katie

"Can you even get past this? Are you sure?" - Tom M

"This is the single most frustrating game I've ever played" - Matt 

People that completed the game: 
Tom, Dragos, George, Sam and Alex

If you haven't beat the original Floaty Ball don't try Floaty Ball Extreme. 

Install instructions

The only way to exit the game is ALT+F4


Floaty Ball 64bit.zip 380 MB
Floaty Ball 32bit.zip 360 MB
Floaty Ball Extreme.zip 380 MB

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